The Paranormal

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Re: The Paranormal

Post by Ariannda Kusanagi » Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:34 am

I had Ritalin as a younger child and Wellbutrin when I was older. I was going to use the Zyban to quit smoking but I honestly didn't think it would do me any good for 1, for 2, i didn't want to be back on the medications and for 3 i have a low enough sex drive as it is that I'd really rather not lose it (honestly the whole 4 kids aside thing, i have no sex drive). I also need to have a full blood panel run because I simply haven't had one done probably ever as an adult. I agree with Allu on the idea that people want their kids "fixed". I have asked the boys dad and my dad a lot of questions and like i said dad was all about "he's just a boy is all" until meeting with the clinical psychologist. While I respect the mans opinion I didn't pay for it and I resented the ambushing and the not even talking to me, but going straight to my parents. Maybe it's because he knew them better. Also what gets me is the kid was 5 and in Vacation Bible School. I mean it's not as if he was in school. He professed an interest in not wanting to be there and then he backed that idea up by not paying attention and going off to play with some other kids in a corner. His rteachers only complaint is his problem following direction, which is both a 6 year old thing, a boy thing and i mean he's the 3rd child...

Anyway the research thats done on childrens medication isn't as through as it could be imo, like the chicken pox vaccine. Chicken pox hasn't killed any children, so why do we need to vaccinate against it ?

I should quit smoking but I have enough will power to do it cold turkey, I just honestly don't want to yet.
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Re: The Paranormal

Post by Klast Brell » Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:29 am

Freecare Spiritwise wrote:I took wellbutrin/prozac to quit smoking a few years ago and it worked. I didn't have any urge to smoke, or eat, or work, or be romantic with the wife, or anything - no urges of any kind.
I tried Welbutrin for a while a few years back. It only had one side effect for me, but it was a bad one. Can you say premature ejaculation?
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Re: The Paranormal

Post by Freecare Spiritwise » Fri Mar 06, 2009 9:01 am

Heh, premature is better than nothing I guess. About a week into the SSRI's, my johnson goes on holiday. My few experiences were depressing. Nothing in my life registered, and my boss thought I was unhappy and my wife thought I was unhappy and it seemed like a lot of unhappiness just to quit smoking.

But I will say that for people truly depressed, I've seen SSRI's change some people's lives.

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Re: The Paranormal

Post by Taxious » Fri Mar 06, 2009 9:24 am

Klast Brell wrote:PS. Sorry for the extra long post.

I don't know about you Klast, but addy makes me chatty when I take it. I remember writing multipage emails and posts on here sometimes. Too funny.
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