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Post by Kulaf » Mon May 19, 2014 2:30 am

Well I just got back from watching it and it was..........OK.

It has glaringly stupid plot holes which I will outline in the spoiler section. I wanted less humans and more monster in this movie but was sort of disappointed. It was a decent movie which will probably spawn a sequel which I would likely pay to go see. Spoilers to follow:
Hidden Information!
Wow......where to start on the plot holes:

1) Godzilla was supposedly "awakened" in 1954 and every nuke "test" was in fact the worlds top secret program to destroy Godzilla. Really? Really?
2) The "alien parasites" grew to a size bigger than the host they were inside which looked like a giant snake with a skeleton.
3) The alien monsters feed on nuclear energy. Apparently drawn to the Earth when it was more radioactive on the surface and then went underground to absorb radioactivity as the surface radioactivity diminished. I doubt this theory of the Earth being that radioactive in the past has any basis in science.
4) One of the alien monsters generates an EMP pulse which is an awesome weapon against anyone using modern technology. Too bad it is supposed to be millions of years old and said weapon would have been completely useless at that time.
5) Even the military is not stupid enough to rationalize using a nuke to try to destroy monsters that feed on nuclear power.
6) Why were they moving two complete nuclear missiles across country via railroad when they only needed the warheads? In fact, why didn't they just re-target a medium range missile and fire it from long range. It must have been the fear afforded by the ridiculous EMP pulse that forced them to use the mechanical detonator......yeah that's the ticket.
7) How many scientists does it take to realize that some alien life form that tunneled its way to a nuclear reactor is actually feeding on the power (since there is no ambient radioactivity in the "hot zone") and it in fact waiting to hatch? NONE

I could go on, but what is the point. Bottom line is I don't need plot holes in a monster movie. Just keep the damn humans on the sideline gasping in wonder as three gigantic monsters battle it out and let me enjoy the damn movie without trying to explain everything and fuck it all up!

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