The Black List

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The Black List

Post by Massterloo » Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:27 am

The mastermind criminal who lets himself get caught to advance the world's most convoluted plot ever devised is now become a cliché. Dark Knight, Skyfall, Avengers, and now on this show. And The FBI agents only aid him by being so stupid they leave him alone to escape when ever he wants. He is the guy behind all plots, and knows things he should not know.

******Good thing he was at some time, in his daughter's home - found all the husband's money, and spy I.D.s - Just so he could send the Dying Russian General to their home just to make the husband bleed enough to ruin the rug so she has to tear it up, so she could find those I.D.s, to make her trust him. ******* NO, This was not a scene from the show, but its the only way he would know.

So, how does a 14 year old forget who her father is? How does the FBI not know the connection between them, or not care when its obvious he knows everything about her?

My prediction, The Season will end with the revelation that his family was killed by the FBI, and the agent (the only one he will talk to) is his daughter. Together they will get revenge on those old FBI leaders, and clear his name.

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Re: The Black List

Post by Minute » Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:49 pm

I didn't watch it but I didn't read good things. Sucks because the trailer made it look decent.
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